• Most of our customers are located in Germany, but they operate in many countries of the world and require technical translations into all important languages.

Languages for the translation of your product documentation

PRODOC translates into the languages of your target markets

To assist you in the global sales of your products, we offer technical translations in almost all languages, and this at the highest level. Our translators are exclusively mother tongue translators, they usually have a degree in the field of electrical engineering, or can look back on many years of experience in the fields of automation and control technology.

  • Translation of product information into a wide range of media, such as print products, websites, films, etc.

  • Copy-editing according to the 4-eyes principle: Review of translations by additional persons

  • Software localization

  • Deutsche Texte übersetzen

    Translate from German

    German is the most commonly requested source language for technical translation at PRODOC.

  • Englische Texte übersetzen

    Translate from English

    The demand for the translation of English texts is growing strongly, as we service more and more clients from abroad and because German companies are increasingly defining English as a corporate language.

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