Translations between European languages

  • The technical translation between European languages is daily business at PRODOC.

    Our clients are often headquartered in Germany, yet have subsidiaries throughout Europe. As a result, the source language may not be only German but – in addition to English – also, e.g., French or Italian.

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Direct translations between important European languages

In this way you reach a large number of potential customers

  • Benefits for marketing in the European Union

    For successful marketing of industrial products in the European Union, its has been shown that companies who have published their product information in European languages other than justGerman and English are particularly successful.

    Technicaltranslations into the romance languages of French, Italian and Spanish are particularly popular.

    • With these translations you reach a large number of potential customers.
    • For this reason we offer any combination of these 5 languages.
  • Customers from other European countries

    PRODOC also serves customers from the Industrial Automation sector from Spain, France and Italy. These customers usually create their technical documentation in their national language, and we then translate directly from, e.g., Italian to French.

  • Translations between European languages

Translate directly between 5 European languages

  • Translate from English to European languages; translate English to German, translate English to French, translate English to Spanish, translate English to Italian

  • Translate from German to European languages; translate German to English, translate German to French, translate German to Spanish, translate German to Italian

  • Translate from French to European languages; translate French to English, translate French to German, translate French to Spanish, translate French to Italian

  • Translate from Italian to European languages; translate Italian to English, translate Italian to German, translate Italian to Spanish, translate Italian to French

  • Translate from Spanish to European languages; translate Spanish to English, translate Spanish to German, translate Spanish to Italian, translate Spanish to French


Translations into other European languages

  • It’s a matter of expertise

    For Technical Translation and Software Localization, the expertise of the technical translator is immensely important. Translators for specific subject areas who master several of the less used EU languages are rare.
    Of course, there are specialized translation services, such as the official EU Language Service of the European Commission, but even there one of the official EU languages is used as an intermediate language for, e.g., translations from Estonian to Danish.
    In these cases, PRODOC uses German or English as an intermediate language and thereby offers a technically competent service.

  • Direct translations between European languages

Popular language combinations within the European languages

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