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PRODOC offers translation, advice and optimization

Since 1992, we have been advising our customers on optimal processes for the efficient creation of multilingual product information in a wide variety of channels: print, web, software…

We translate manuals, datasheets, brochures, flyers, software, websites and other documents into various languages.

Our focus is on electrical engineering and related products from the following industries:

Our managing director is an electrical engineer and speaks 5 foreign languages. Therefore, it is obvious that we work for industries in which electrical engineering and electronics play an important role.

Sanne Jerxsen, Marketing at PRODOC Translations

Industry-specific technical translations

Our technical translators have experience in the above-mentioned industries and generally translate for you into all EU languages, some Eastern European languages and major Asian languages.

We have more information on the following languages:

Cross-industry solutions for cost reduction

Depending on the type of product information, different tasks arise when creating foreign-language product information. With our solutions, you can create the following foreign-language documents at minimal cost:

Satisfied customers from a wide variety of industries

Do you also need technical translation services?

If you are not sure whether we have the necessary expertise for your industry, please contact us!

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Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

Managing Director