Welcome to PRODOC,

the technical translation and technical documentation service provider for the Industrial Automation, Power Engineering and Automotive industries.

PRODOC Translations serves the following industries

In addition to technical translations for the Industrial Automation sector, we create technical documentation and consult clients in the Power Engineering and Automotive sectors. For all these industries, we also localize their software.

The customers of PRODOC Translations

  • Translations for Industrial Automation products are our special field of expertise and most of our clients work in this field or other related industries. Our customers mainly have their headquarters in Germany or other European countries. But we also work for some clients with headquarters in Asian countries or the Americas.

    Company headquarters in the European Union

    • Distribution to industrial customers in the EU or around the world
    • German or English as source language for technical translations into all important industry languages
    • Or direct translations between important European languages

    Company headquarters abroad

    • Distribution center in the European Union
    • English as source language
    • Or technical translations from Asian languages to English or German
  • What our clients say

Quality since 1992

PRODOC Translations provides a certified technical translation service

We are working constantly to optimize the quality of our technical translation service in order to serve the needs of our industrial automation customers.

The total cost of a translation is what matters

  • Controllers in companies often just look at the price for the translation of a single document. And then choose the apparently cheapest provider. Many similar documents usually have to be translated in the industrial automation sector, such as user manuals for similar products or the updating of documents that have already been translated.

  • By consequently using CAT tools such as memoQ and Transit NxT, we are in a position to deal with these tasks in a consistent and very cost-effective way.

    Ask for quotations for several similar files to get a realistic price comparison!

  • PRODOC Translations - technical translations - total cost

Short history of our company

from 1992 until today


    PRODOC was founded in 1992 by Markus Schröder and Stefan Weimar with the aim to offer professional technical documentation for customers in the field of electrical engineering. That was an obvious choice since both are electrical engineers and Stefan Weimar speaks 5 languages besides his native language. Projects in the field of technical communication were carried out for a variety of customers. The know-how acquired provides the basis of our current portfolio of services.

  • PRODOC Translations GmbH

    Since 2003, Stefan Weimar focuses on technical translations and has built up  PRODOC Translations GmbH as a renowned language service provider. Technical Translations, Software localization and the accompanying Technical Consulting services are the focus of the company.

  • PRODOC Ingenieurbüro

    Markus Schröder leads the PRODOC Ingenieurbüro, which focuses on the creation of Technical Documentation, since 2003.

    Dipl.-Ing. Markus Schröder
    Niederelben 39
    D-51588 Niederelben
    Tel.: +49 2293 9099550
    Fax: +49 2293 9099447
    E-Mail:  m.schroeder@prodoc.de

The latest posts from PRODOC Translations on topics related to technical translation for the industrial automation sector

  • ShareFile Private Cloud Server for data exchange

    PRODOC uses Citrix ShareFile Private Cloud Server for secure data exchange with customers and freelancers. The data is stored in the PRODOC network and not on servers in another country.

  • IODD Dateien übersetzen

    Translate IODD files – directly into several foreign languages

    The IO-Link standard includes a language dependent section in the IODD file. You can place e.g. translated display texts or PLC notifications here.  A number of companies do not use this opportunity and consequently sacrifice significant marketing arguments. The following is a guideline to show you how to translate this section.

  • IO-Link

    IO-Link – the communication system for sensors and actuators

    A prerequisite for successful automation  is the availability of efficient communication systems. A standardized communication system is available which organizes the communication of the higher-level controller with several sensors and actuators more efficiently via a master unit in the form of IO-Link.

  • Internet of things

    What is the Internet of Things?

    Similar to the “Internet of People”, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a structure which enables communication and data exchange between things.