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  • The demand for the translation of English texts is growing strongly, as we service more and more clients from abroad and because German companies are increasingly defining English as a corporate language.

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Translation of English technical texts

Translate from Englishto many other languages

  • Some of our German customers from the Industrial Automation, Power Engineering and Automotivesectors have defined English as their corporate language and create their technical information in English first.
    Our customers from overseas provide English documents based on which we perform the Technical Translation into many other languages.

  • English is often the first language for software and hence an important source language for Software Localization.

  • Translate from English

  • Focus on English to German translation

    Legal framework conditions

    For customers from the in
    dustrial automation or power engineering sector, usually there are no regulations that specify the languages into which their English documentation is to be translated.
    Nevertheless, German companies with English as the corporate language still usually wish to have their own documents on hand in German and therefore have them translated from English to German.

    Target market: Germany

    For our clients from abroad, Germany is the largest target market, making the English to German technical translation important for them.

  • Translate from English to European languages

    Requirements according to European directives and laws

    For the following device types, it must be ensured that information important for operation of the product is not only available in English, but also in the language of the expected user:

    Therefore PRODOC translates from English to all languages of the European Union.

  • Select English as the source language for the marketing of your products if

    • You are a German customer, but your corporate language is English
    • You are a customer from abroad and you choose English as the basis for distributing your products in Europe
    • SYou would like to sell your products in the Far East and would like to have access to a large selection of technical translators – the number of Asian native speakers who can competently translate German technical texts into their own language is very limited
  • English as a source language is particularly interesting when you translate to Asian languages

We translate English texts for you in the following language combinations

  • Translate English to Arabic

    English to Arabic
  • Translate English to Bulgarian

    English to Bulgarian
  • Translate English to Chinese

    English to Chinese
  • Translate English to German

    English to German
  • Translate English to Danish

  • Translate English to Estonian

    English to Estonian
  • Translate English to French

    English to French
  • Translate English to Finnish

    English to Finnish
  • Translate English to Greek

    English to Greek
  • Translate English to Italian

    English to Italian
  • Translate English to Irish

    English to Irish
  • Translate English to Japanese

    English to Japanese
  • Translate English to Korean

    English to Korean
  • Translate English to Croatian

    English to Croatian
  • Translate English to Latvian

    English to Latvian
  • Translate English to Lithuanian

    English to Lithuanian
  • Translate English to Maltese

    English to Maltese
  • Translate English to Dutch

    English to Dutch
  • Translate English to Norwegian

    English to Norwegian
  • Translate English to Danish

    English to Danish
  • Translate English to Portuguese

    English to Portuguese
  • Translate English to Romanian

    English to Romanian
  • Translate English to Russian

    English to Russian
  • Translate English to Swedish

    English to Swedish
  • Translate English to Serbian

    English to Serbian
  • Translate English to Slovakian

    English to Slovakian
  • Translate English to Slovenian

    English to Slovenian
  • Translate English to Spanish

    English to Spanish
  • Translate English to Thai

    English to Thai
  • Translate English to Czech

    English to Czech
  • Translate English to Turkish

    English to Turkish
  • Translate English to Ukrainian

    English to Ukrainian
  • Translate English to Hungarian

    English to Hungarian

English as the basis for translations to Asian languages

  • Problematic language combinations

    For translations into Asian languages, there are many, e.g., Chinese who master English. If, however, a text needs to be translated from Italianto Chinese, it is difficult to find a Chinese translator who is both technically competent and who speaks Italian.

    The solution: English as an intermediate language

    In most cases,a translation from the source language into English serves as the basis. The English texts are then translated into the desired Asian language, e.g., English to Chinese.

    This is often the best choice – even ifsome blurring automatically occurs through double translation!

  • Proper presentation of the English translation

    Depends on the character set used

    • When you translate from English to other Western European languages, the same font can usually be used for the source and target languages.
    • When you translate from English to Eastern European languages, it may be necessary to select a different font if some characters are not presented correctly.
    • When you translate from English to Asian languages, the use of 2-bytefonts is compulsory. Before starting the technical translation, a check should be performed to determine whether the used software is Unicode capable and whether a suitable font is available.

    Our post regarding fonts provides detailed information regarding character sets.

  • Examples for source languages

    Italian as source language for technical translations into Asian languages


    Dutch as source language for technical translations into Asian languages


    Turkish as source language for technical translations into Asian languages

  • First translate to English

    Translate to English

    to English
  • Then translate to the desired target language

    Translate from English to any target language

Further information on language combinations with English as source language

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