• Our motto: it’s better to avoid mistakes than to correct them – with a sophisticated quality management we ensure consistent quality of service.

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Translation quality at PRODOC

In order to achieve consistent and high translation quality, we build on the following 3 pillars:

How does one evaluate translation quality?

  • Technical

    Professional Technical Translation services for the Industrial Automation, Power Engineering, and Automotive sectors.

    The technical content of the translated text must, ofcourse, correspond to that of the source text!

    We ensure this with experienced translators and proofreaders who are competent in our areas of specialization.

    Usually, for example, a translation from German to English is translated by a native English speaker. Proofreading is then performed by a native German speaker who otherwise translates from English.

  • Style

    We will choose the perfectly suited technical translator!

    There is more than one way to say the same thing!

    Our translators always translate into their mother tongue, but each has his or her own style.

    In addition to the pure technical qualification, the style of a given translator also plays a key role, and that is something that you need to like.

    Particularly at the beginning of collaborating with a customer for a new language direction, we are happy to provide sample translations from several different translators – in this way we are sure to find the right translator for you!

  • Textual

    Do you wish content adaptation for marketing-related texts?

    Our translations reflect the content of the source text in the target language literally, and should act as a basis for discussion in order to formulate the target text for your country-specific marketing statements.

    It may well be that the marketing department of your foreign representative would like certain things worded differently, or also make other advertising statements.

    This is completely normal:
    Your source text will probably only reach its final version after several parties have been involved – and has therefore cost several times what you would pay us for the translation.

    If you would like to obtain a text that is perfectly aligned to its target group, we would be glad to provide you with this as an additional service. However, in order to do this we need to keep in touch with you and your foreign representatives and jointly coordinate the extent to which the text may deviate from the original in terms of content and style.

Consistent translation quality

ensuring that you can count on us

  • Technical translation is a complex process

    Translations of technical texts are highly-complex procedures nowadays. It is not nearly enough to be able to translate well. The bigger challenge is often presented by related factors:

    • Importing texts from complex DTP software or other editorial systems and issuing the translated texts in the same format.
    • Adherence to consistent terminology.
    • Re-use of already-created translations.
  • PRODOC functions as the interface to the translator

    You, the client, don’t have to worry about these challenges – and neither does the translator.

    • PRODOC provides the necessary know-how and infrastructure.
    • Our clients take care of their core business.
    • Our translators do what they do best: translate!

    PRODOC does the rest.

  • PRODOC takes care of deadlines and appointments

    Sound familiar?

    • The marketing department needs a new text in 14 languages,
    • the product manager needs an update of his operating manual in 4 languages
    • a new text has to be translated quickly to Spanish for your website …

    Then you know how many internal resources can be tied up with such tasks!

    Let us take care of the organization of your technical translations – because that’s our specialty. Your advantage: We reliably deliver exactly what you need and save your translations in the translation memory of the CATtool for re-use, saving costs for future orders.