Company mission

  • Our company mission ensures that the complete translation process is optimized, starting with the creation of the German documents up to the finished technical translation.

  • Get in touch with PRODOC
    +49 89 20000 70 880

  • A globally networked team for technical translations

    Our core team in Weinbach and Munich is the liaison between customers and native speaker technical translators who are spread over the whole world.

    Our ERP software, Conaktiv, makes it possible for all members of our core team to keep track of all current projects at all times.

    Our Confluence groupware for internal employees and freelance translators provides information about workflows and customer-specific specifications. This ensures that everything is consistent.

  • Long-term client relationships

    Quality over quantity – we prefer doing long-term business with a few clients that we can serve on an individualized basis due to our competence and experience.

    We think ahead – and carefully analyze documents supplied by the client to determine the most efficient course of action for the technical translation together with the client.

    Everything from a single source – a single contact person who takes on all translation tasks for the client.

  • Translation services in accordance with current standards

    PRODOC has been working in accordance with the requirements of EN 15038 for many years and was successfully certified in 2009 for the first time.

    The certificate expired on March 15, 2015.

    Since ISO17100 has replaced EN 15038 as the current standard, and Austrian Standards provides certification in accordance with ISO 17100 according to the Language Industry Certification System – LICS, we are certified in accordance with this standard.

    OurLICS certificate is valid until July 15, 2019.