Quality Management

  • Our quality management system ensures that the translation processes are clearly structured and well documented, so that we can provide a consistent translation quality regardless of the person who has performed the technical translation.

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The PRODOC quality management system

Clearly documented processes – so that everyone knows what needs to be done

The challenge for quality management

    • Collaboration across different locations

      PRODOC is working in multiple locations since 2006.

      Work processes can only be successful if everyemployee has access to the same data and can find the current status of every project at all times.

      With our ERP system, Conaktiv,we are well equipped for this task.

    • Documentation of all worksteps

      The PRODOC Quality Management System ensures that our customers receive a consistent quality of service in accordance with our company mission regardless of which of our employees is working with them.

      Work processes are standardized and Technical Translations as well as Software Localization are performed in accordance with ISO 17100

  • Quality Management Workflow - document check

The solution for efficient quality management

    • Project tracking

      CONAKTIV ERP software

      Allof our quality-relevant processes in accordance with ISO 17100 are reproduced in the CONAKTIV ERP software, which provides us with the framework to customize and implement our requirements.

      Customers, tasks, projects at a glance

      CONAKTIV is a project management, address administration, mail server and financial bookkeeping system – all together in one database.

      Any desired information can be called up in any combination of:

      • All projects from one customer: completed, current, planned and – where applicable – cancelled …
      • The project manager and all internal and external employees involved in each project
      • All correspondence: project-related, customer-related, internal
      • Project status: what is already completed? Which translators must turn in their projects and when? Who grants approval?

      All employees can find the status of every project at any time and can quickly get involved in projects which they had never worked on before.

    • QM-relevant technical documentation

      Confluence groupware

      PRODOC uses Confluence as a tool to help each employee quickly find importantinformation:

      • In our company Quality Management manual, which we constantly work to update and improve, all quality-relevant work steps are documented.
      • Customer-specific information:
        • Language variants
        • Fixed terms
        • Dictionaries
        • Special workflows
        • Meeting notes
      • Project-specific information:
        • Tasks to be performed in the CAT tool
        • before and after the technical translation

        • Errors and ambiguous passages in the source text
  • Quality Management