CAT tools

CAT tools

for efficient and consistent translations

  • What are CAT tools?

    CAT tools or Computer Aided Translation tools are translation programs which provide special functions for software-assisted translation, and make it possible to re-use existing translations with the aid of Translation Memories.

    This involves no machine translation, as is the case on some Internet portals that can produce half-intelligible gibberish at best.

    The main functions include:

    • Import of texts in different formats – translation in a customized interface – export of the translation in the same file format as the source text.
    • The translators always use the same software – the CAT Tool – regardless of the customer’s file format.
    • Terminology support in the CAT Tool for ensuring that key terms are always translated the same.
    • Texts that are translated once are stored in a Translation Memory.
    • Automatic insertion of translated texts from the Translation Memory into the target document.
  • Supported file types

    Many different file formats from the customer – one standardized tool for the translator!

    We can therefore process the many different file formats from our customers directly, without the translator having to know them.

    The task of a translator is to translate and not to deal with large numbers of different file formats.

    CAT Tools can read a variety of different file formats and isolate the text to be translated, therefore protecting the remaining file constituents from being modified.

    PRODOC has used the file-based CAT Tool Transit by Star since 1994 and the server-based CAT Tool memoQ by Kilgray since 2015.
    Both tools provide us with an optimized translation environment, with the following advantages.

    You can find a list of file types that we can edit on the technical translation page.

  • CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation
    The CAT tool provides the translators with a collection of translation specific tools with which they can deal with their work quickly, efficiently and consistently.

    Pure machine translation does not take place.

Reasons for using CAT tools

  • Efficiency

    • Translations are stored in a Translation Memory
    • Automatic reuse of existing translations
    • Automatic display of terminology to be used
    • Translation suggestions based on previous translations
  • Consistency

    • Built-in terminology management
    • Translation suggestions based on previous translations
    • Functions for checking consistency
  • Optimized tools

    • Import function with automatic reuse of existing translations
    • Terminology management
    • Concordance search
    • Proofreading
    • Quality assurance

PRODOC uses the following CAT tools

    • memoQ


      memoQ is the complete server-based solution for translating in a team with many innovative functions.

    • Transit NxT

      Transit NxT

      Transit NxT, the CAT tool for the efficient translation of DTP software files from Indesign, Framemaker, Quark-Express, Quicksilver…

  • There are many different CAT tools on the market and there are some translation providers who want to show professionalism by advertising the use of many CAT tools.

    However, we at PRODOC are convinced that this affects the efficiency of the translation process. We think that you can only use a tool efficiently if you use it on an everyday basis!