• memoQ is the complete server-based solution for translating in a team with many innovative functions.
    Further information on memoQ can be found in our posts under the topic memoQ.


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Unique functionality of memoQ

  • memoQ is a server-based CAT tool that goes far beyond the mere translation in its functionality. It is the central platform for us as a translation company that optimizes collaboration between PRODOC, translators and clients.
    Its strengths are as follows:

    • Web portal for: terminology management, project management, translations in the web browser
    • Collaboration: multiple translators can work on the same document at the same time – for tight deadlines
    • Freely programmable XML import filters for the many different XML file types that are used in the industry
  • memoQ

Translations for the Industrial Automation sector using memoQ

  • Particularly for Technical Translation in the Industrial Automation sector, it is important not only to store documents that have been translated once and re-use them cost effectively.
    Manufacturers of automation products often deliver their products to a variety of countries, and also have branches in some of these countries.

    Functionality for international teamwork

    • Terminology management

      These branches should always have access to current and approved terminology. QTerm is available as part of the memoQ server for this purpose.

      Selected employees of a company can get access to corporate terminology using a Web browser.

      Further information regarding terminology management can be found in our corresponding post.

    • Customer correction and approval

      Often, the branches will be responsible for correction and approval of technical translations.

      An efficient tool for this task is a correction workflow based on RTF files that supports the direct integration of the corrections into the memoQ environment.

    Software localization functions

    In the Industrial Automation, Power Engineering and Automotive sectors, there are many different product- and customer-specific software programs.

    The localization of this software is often hardly possible without special tools. Special functions in memoQ allow a smooth Software Localization.

    • Flexibly configurable XML import filter

      The XML import filter is flexibly configurable. Its cascading filter function allows e.g. to reliably filter HTML code embedded in XML data and hence to translate only the text content.

      The memoQ import filter enables custom configurations for industry-specific XML file types. An example is shown in our post regarding the translation of IODD files.

    • Tools for testing filter configuration

      The pseudo-translation function provides an elegant and efficient way for testing the functionality of a custom filter configuration.

      Our pseudo-translation post shows how it works.

  • Translation topics of the industrial automation sector

    Internet of Things, custom software

    Technical translations with memoQ for the Internet of Things

    Bus systems, special file formats like IODD


The memoQ user interface

Areas of the user interface

In the screenshot, you can easily recognize the individual areas of memoQ’s user interface.

memoQ user interface

  1. Source text
  2. Target text
  3. Segment quick info: Translation status, comment present, QA error
  4. Lots of reference information at a glance: fuzzy matches (red), concordance hits (yellow), terminology entries (blue), detailed information about selected entries in the lower area
  5. Preview area for Office files, information about QA errors, comments on the current segment

In comparison to Transit NxT, it is a major advantage that all reference information required to translate a segment is summarized in area 4. This facilitates consistent translation.

PRODOC memoQ web portal

PRODOC hosts its own web portal offering team work functionality.

memoQ web qTerm

The web portal offers a wide range of options in order to make collaboration between PRODOC and customers more efficient. The following posts provide detailed information on using the portal for terminology management and translations:

  • Detailed instructions regarding working with memoQ can be found in our Wiki:

    Project Management

    We can set up a portal for each customer in which customers can process their own projects


    Translations can be created and proofread directly in the web interface


    The web-based terminology management for our clients


    Direct communication about translation and terminology queries


    Project based file exchange

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