Transit NxT

Transit NxT – features

  • Transit NxT is a file based CAT tool.

    Its strengths are as follows:

    • Synchronized PDF preview so that the translator always knows where the text is that he is currently translating
    • Display of layout information in the CAT editor
    • Colored text highlighting in exported files for efficient proofreading: from TM / new translation
    • Import of EXE, DLL and RC files

    Thus, Transit NxT is suitable in particular for technical translation of complex datasheets and catalogues.

    More information about Transit-NxT

    General information can be found on the Star homepage

    Special information relating to collaboration with PRODOC when using Transit NxT can be found in our Wiki.

  • Transit NxT by Star

Transit-NxT user interface

Areas of the user interface

In the screenshot, you can easily recognize the individual areas of Transit’s user interface.

Transit-NxT user interface

  1. Source text
  2. Target text
  3. PDF view of the source text
  4. Terminology
  5. Segment information

Particularly the PDFview of the source text is beneficial for orientation in large files or in files with many graphical elements.

Display of tables in the Transit NxT editor

In the screenshot, you can easily recognize that the Transit NxT editor can display the text to be translated in table format.

This is a unique feature of Transit NxT, and is particularly helpful for translating documents with elaborately designed tables.

Transit-NxT table display in the editor