Measurement and control technology

Measurement and control technology – these are important elements of industrial automation. The latest developments in the area of measurement and control technology constantly expand the options for optimizing the industrial automation processes.

PRODOC Translations is active in this highly specialized area with regard to technical translation and software localization.

PRODOC references in the area of measurement and control technology

  • PRODOC customers

    In the area of measurement and control technology, we have the following companies as our customers:

    Safety solutions

    DINA - safety solutions for machines and plants

    Online product listing

    diribo - online portal for sensor technology, measurment and control technology, automation

    Remote control devices

    FSG - remote control devices

    Robot controllers

    KEBA - industrial automation, banking automation, logistics, electromobility

    Sensors and controllers

    Leuze electronic GmbH & Co KG - sensors, identification systems, products for logistics and safety at work

    Control of heating and cooling systems for switch cabinets

    STEGO - measurement and control technology

    Measurement of energy consumption and heating cost calculation

    Techem - measurement technology and heating cost calculation

  • PRODOC services

    PRODOC Translations produces Technical Translations for its customers for all important components of the measurement and control technology sector such as measuring devices, switching systems, robot controllers, PLCs and associated field bus systems.
    We produce translations from German or English into all of the important industry languages for a number products in the area of measurement and control technology.
    Particularly in the field of control technology, one of our tasks is often to localize the corresponding user software into the languages of the anticipated users.

Measurement technology and industrial automation

  • Measurement technology is responsible for recording physical quantities which are relevant for production in the Industrial Automation sector.

    These physical quantities, which are measured by Sensor Systems, are converted into unified signals and then fed to control devices via the Network for further processing.

    The dynamic development of the automation of industrial companies has made a significant contribution to the continuous expansion of the range of quantities to be measured that is used for industrial automation.

    Accordingly, the demand for information and documentation in the measurement and control technology sector is great.

  • Measurement and control technology - speed measurement

Control devices

  • Modern control devices are used to influence the behavior of technical systems such as automated industry production. A distinction is made between binary, analog and digital control devices.

    However, analog control devices are being used less and less in industrial automation because they are not readily compatible with modern digital technology. After all, the system is controlled using actuators such as valves, motors and lights.

    A binary control device consists of control equipment and a controlled section.

    The process variables being fed into the control section from the control device are influenced by binary output variables in accordance with a predefined algorithm.

    Digital control devices process digital multi-bit signals.

    Control commands that are more complex are therefore required to process digital signals than binary signals.

  • Control engineering - Safe robot control

Control technology

  • Control technology is the targeted influencing of different variables in technical systems.

    The aim of control technology is to keep the control variables constant or guide them along specified characteristic curves, even if there are external influences.

    For control purposes the variable to be influenced must be measured and compared with the setpoint.

    The aim of the control is for the control variable to move closer to the target value and minimize interfering variables.

    An example of control technology in industrial automation is the automatic target control of Robots within the system, or heating control of rooms and buildings for industrial production.

  • Control technology - component and orientation detection

Product groups

We have specialist knowledge of products in the following product groups of measurement and control technology:

Sensor solutions regarding safety at work from our customer Leuze electronic: