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Solutions for efficient Estonian translations

Special solutions developed by us help to ensure that technical translations for English-Estonian run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We provide you with a ready-made technical translation into Estonian or from Estonian into English with minimum internal administrative effort.

Accurate Estonian translations with PRODOC

We are your partner for high-quality English-Estonian and Estonian-English translation.

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Experts translate technical texts for English-Estonian

PRODOC translate for many technical industries. The technical translations are carried out by native speakers.

PRODOC not only provides technical translations, but also offers solutions for the cost-effective international marketing of your products.

Estonians translate at PRODOC either from German or English into Estonian. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for the translation of your marketing texts, websites or technical documentation.

  • Technical translators
  • Native speakers
  • Industry experience since 1992
  • ISO 17100 certified

Technical English-Estonian translation

Estonian, a so-called flectional-agglutinating language, belongs to the group of Finno-Ugric languages.

With just under one million people speaking Estonian as their mother tongue, Estonian is a less widely spoken language.


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Solutions for efficient Estonian translations

Unique language, consequently unique translation English Estonian

Estonian is unique among European languages and belongs to the Finno-Ugric family alongside Finnish and Hungarian. Most of the words seem to be from another planet. On the other hand, the language sounds very melodic and is known as the “elven” language.

Despite a high literacy rate, Estonians value translations into Estonian

Firstly, Estonian is spoken by around one million people. Secondly, Estonian has a high literacy rate. Thirdly, almost every Estonian speaks a foreign language (e.g. English, Russian, German, Swedish or Finnish). Nevertheless, for companies exporting goods to Estonia it is a competitive advantage if the documents are available in Estonian.

Growth potential for translations into Estonian, especially in the field of renewable energies

The current method of Estonian energy production, which is associated with considerable air pollution, has disastrous ecological consequences. The climate crisis has therefore long been a real threat to our future. Since Friday’s Fidays For Future demonstrations at the latest, it must be clear to everyone that climate protection should be a top priority worldwide. As a result, schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has been a role model for many other young people for months.

Investments in renewable energies are therefore unavoidable. For example, this is particularly relevant for countries such as Estonia. Our technical translations English-Estonian are based on technical expertise, particularly in the field of renewable energies.

English-Estonian translation for many industries

PRODOC’s technical translators are specialized in automotive, renewable energy, IPC and network technology, mechanical engineering, measurement and control systems and other industries.

Translations into Estonian

Estonian is closely related to Finnish, and has a distant affinity to Hungarian.

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