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The success factors for multilingual websites

The advantages when translating websites, however, are somewhat different from those when translating manuals, datasheets, etc.

Translation memory is less important. Important for website translation:

  • Support of data exchange formats – Avoidance of Copy&Paste
  • Integration of a terminology database for uniform terminology

Do you want to localize your website efficiently and be found internationally?

We will be happy to advise you!

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Website translation

    Efficient website localization – the workflow matters

    As with many other tasks for the international marketing of products, technical translation plays an important role in the localization of websites. Often, however, extracting the source texts to be translated and entering the translated texts is a decisive cost factor.

    In the following we consider 2 possible workflows:

    Teaser Website translation small

    Traditional website translation workflow

    Optimized website translation workflow

    Cost comparison of optimized workflow – traditional workflow

    We assume a single web page with approx. 300 words. The values are examples purely for illustration.


    Conclusion: Even though the net translation cost with PRODOC is 1.5x more expensive, our customers save money in the end. And they make fewer mistakes because the cumbersome manual input of translations is no longer necessary.

    Dipl.-Kffr. Sanne Jerxsen, Marketing at PRODOC Translations

    Selecting a suitable CMS system

    At PRODOC, we can generally use memoQ’s flexible import filter to translate all websites; their data can be exported in XML or XLIFF format and then imported again.

    However, this requires, for each customer, the configuration and validation of a customer-specific filter, for which additional costs are incurred. These usually pay for themselves quickly when more than 10 web pages need to be translated.

    For the systems described below, we provide pre-configured filter configurations for website translation.

    WordPress with WPML

    WPML is a WordPress plug-in that enables the exchange of data between WordPress and any CAT tool. In some cases, a customer-specific XML configuration is necessary.

    Our article on WordPress and WPML shows in detail how you can collaborate with us using WPML.

    WPML - Website Translation Tool

    Typo3 with l10nmgr

    The l10nmgr is an extension for Typo3, which supports the exchange of data with CAT tools such as memoQ for website translation.

    Typo 3 l10nmgr - Website Translation Tool

    You already have XML/XLIFF data of your website?

    Then please send us these data via the request form. We will prepare a quotation for you straight away!

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    Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

    Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

    Managing Director