Drive technology

Since the start of the industrial age, drive technology / electric drives have been one of the most important factors in automation.

Drive technology – an overview

In the drive technology sector, PRODOC Translations provides Technical Translation, Technical Documentation, and Technical Consulting as a service. The majority of our drive technology customers are companies who focus on smaller and medium sized drives which are used in Robotics, for example.

Electric drive technology is a key technology in modern Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0.

PRODOC references in the field of electric drive technology

  • PRODOC customers

    We are proud to have the following companies as our customers in the area of drive technology:

    Microdrives and drive solutions:

    Faulhaber - Germany, Switzerland, France - Drive technology

    Nanotec - Drive systems

    Drive controllers:

    Bihl + Wiedemann - bus components, controllers, safety systems, AS-interface devices and software

    Special drives:

    Harmonic Drive AG - Drive technology

  • PRODOC services

    PRODOC Translations create Technical Translations for its customers for all important components in this sector such as torque controllers, micromotors, encoders, rpm monitors, safe drive systems and many others.

    Be it documentation, catalogues, datasheets or application reports, we create translations from German or English into all of the important industry languages for all conceivable drive solutions and their components.

    Since software is also usually involved in drive solutions and this mainly has to be in German or English, we also offer Software Localization, predominantly from German to English.

Electric motors as the basis for drive technology

  • One of the most important aspects of electric drive technology is the drive source, i.e. the motor, as well as the power supply for the machine and control of the different drive elements.

    With electric drives, electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy, achieving much higher efficiency than with combustion engines, for example.

    Electric Drives are used in a wide range of areas: starting with low-power drives such as those in kitchen devices, to drives with extremely high power such as the ones used in transport, in electric cars or in trains.

    Even in modern industrial automation, electric drives are used in the majority of cases.
    A drive consists of one or more controlled motors.
    To increase the motor power, so-called power actuators are connected between the controller and the motors. The rpm, torque, position or speed are usually regulated by the controller.

  • Drive technology - Electric drives - Drive components

    Drive technology - rpm monitoring

Drive technology in robotics

  • In the case of Robots, the goal of the drive technology is to perform complex movement sequences. To control these movement sequences, modern systems such as these are also being equipped with Sensors and Control Systems in an increasing number of cases.

    Hence, robots belong to the mechatronics area. This term, which is a composite of the words mechanics and electronics, is an invention made by Yaskawa Electric Corporation, one of the leading global manufacturers of industrial robots.

    Cobots are one of the latest developments in the field of robotics. They support humans during monotonous ore dangerous tasks.

  • Drive technology - Safe robot control

Product groups of electric drives

The electric drive sector includes the following product groups:


News from our customers from the drive technology sector

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