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Technical documentation for industrial products

We and our partners create the technical documentation for your products: user manuals, datasheets, catalogs, websites, application reports and any other type of product information.

We create your technical documentation in German with the latest tools. For more comprehensive instructions, Adobe FrameMaker or Quicksilver is the tool of choice. For shorter documents such as flyers, brochures or data sheets, we also use Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word.

We and our partners have extensive experience with all tools for technical editing which allows us to create German documentation in such a way that a subsequent technical translation is carried out efficiently.

Engineers create the technical documentation

At PRODOC and its partners, engineers work as technical editors and create technical documentation for the following document types:

  • User manual
  • Datasheet
  • Product catalog
  • Website
  • User interface

We are at home in automation technology, energy technology, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry.


Focus on technical translation during document creation

We create professional technical documentation with tools adapted to the respective requirements. In doing so, we also have our eye on the subsequent technical translation of the technical documentation.

By structuring the documentation in a translation-friendly manner, considerable savings can be achieved during the reformatting of the translated documents.

Our partners for the creation of technical documentation

Are you looking for an expert for product compliance or technical editing for your product?

Benefit from 30 years of experience from countless projects.

Technical documentation from our partner Handbuch ExpertenThe Handbuch Experten research the relevant standards and guidelines for your product and support you in risk assessment. In addition, they create the manual for your product didactically mature, brain-friendly and easy to understand. If you have any questions regarding technical documentation and CE, please contact our partner Handbuch Experten GmbH directly.


Tips and tricks to use when creating your own technical documentation

Adobe FrameMaker is suitable for creating user manuals

Adobe InDesign is ideal for product catalogs and datasheets, where a more flexible layout is often required.

Microsoft Word can, in principle, be used as a documentation tool as well. We recommend that it only be used for short documents with few images, however.

For websites we recommend WordPress.

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