Power supply

Some extremely complex processes are involved in advanced automation. The demands made of the power supply are appropriately high for automated industrial production: reliability, communication and efficiency but also flexibility and not least system integration are important factors for providing meaningful power supplies.

Power supplies – Overview

Extensive automated industrial production also includes having a power supply that is as fully integrated as possible.

Because operation with appropriately high power consumption requires a high degree of efficiency, stability and performance capability.

The energy supply is an extremely complex matter in cases like this.

Modular power supply systems are being used with increasing frequency as a solution for these demands. Therefore a common power supply, which is sufficient for the majority of applications, is nowhere near enough for industrial production.

Optimization is the magic word here. There are few areas with as much potential as the power supply.

PRODOC references in the power supply sector

  • PRODOC customers

    Among others, the following companies are our customers in the power supply sector:

    Bihl & Wiedemann




  • PRODOC services

    PRODOC translations specializes in Technical Translation and Documentation for power supply systems for Industrial Automation.

    In order to ensure that the users of complex power supply systems can operate them in the best possible way, top quality technical translations are a success factor which must not be underestimated.

    PRODOC Translations creates the technical translations for its customers for power supply components such as UPS systems, motor power supplies, power supplies for safety systems and many others.

    For Power Supplies and their components we translate from German or English. However, many of the companies producing power supplies come from Asia and therefore English is usually the source language for translation.

    With power supplies which are installed as modules in systems, a translation from German to English or English to German is usually sufficient.

    However, with standalone devices such as UPS systems, translation of the user manual into the language of the anticipated user is an EU-wide obligation.

Power supply requirements in the industrial automation sector

  • In order to maintain a high level of productivity of networked automated machines, many prerequisites are necessary for industrial operation.

    As well as fully-developed Sensor Systems, optimized Network Technology and Controllers, there is a decisive element: the power supply.

    By minimizing failure rates, optimizing the consumption and efficiency of the system and keeping maintenance work to a minimum, an operation can protect itself from serious impairments and reduce costs considerably.

    It is not just about the aspect of supplying: The objective must be to integrate power supplies into the entire network communication and therefore the overall automation solution.

    Diagnosis options and maintenance information generated via the energy management, can make a decisive contribution to having an efficient, long-lasting overall system.

    Modern energy supply systems have a modular design, making it possible to implement expansions and maintenance without long downtimes.

    The communication capability of solutions such as this provides the possibility of individual and fully automatic control, as well as optimization of the respective requirements.

  • Power supply systems for drives

    Uninterruptible power supply

    AS-i system components

Special high-performance power supplies

  • PRODOC customer Trumpf Hüttinger GmbH manufactures special high-performance power supplies for plasma processes and MF power supplies for inductive heating.
    Sophisticated Control is particularly important for the MF power supplies for plasma processes, since the formation of electric arcs which would destroy the product must be prevented during the plasma coating process of LCD panels, for example.

  • RF power supply

Power supply product groups

The power supply sector includes the following product groups:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Converters
  • Transformers
  • Energy storage systems
  • Batteries
  • Power supplies for drives
  • High-frequency power supplies for induction and plasma processes