Power engineering

Our Managing Director is an electrical engineer and has studied power engineering – this is where our origins lie…

One of the industries in which PRODOC Translations is particularly active is power engineering. This is a branch of industry that basically supplies the tools and technologies that are the basis of every modern economy. Where would the leading industrial nations be today without the availability of energy at all times?

As well as large energy corporations, there are many large and medium-sized companies behind the complex infrastructures found in this industry.

And these are precisely the companies for which PRODOC Translations produces technical translations in many languages.

Customers of PRODOC in the power engineering sector

We have successfully completed projects for the power engineering customers:

  • ads-tec GmbH - IPCs and green energy storage systems

    ALSTOM - power engineering, train technology

    Citel - overvoltage protection

    FEAG - power engineering

  • Freudenberg - power engineering

    Bilfinger Greylogix - power engineering

    PROTON MOTOR - power engineering

Specialist areas of power engineering

Power engineering is an extremely wide, interdisciplinary field. Its foundations are physics, particularly thermodynamics and nuclear physics, as well as chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, earth sciences and mining, meteorology and many other areas. The industries can be roughly grouped into the following areas:

PRODOC Translations’ expert knowledge in the power engineering sector

Companies which are active in the power engineering sector were among the first customers of PRODOC Translations. This is because the managing director of PRODOC Translations originally came from this sector.
Precisely for this reason we are particularly experienced in this area as far as technical translations are concerned. Our customers in this area are mainly medium-sized German companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees.


Creation and translation of documents for the power engineering sector

Creation and translation of websites

Languages and language combinations

  • Since we mainly collaborate with power engineering customers who need German and English texts translated, we provide translations into all of the main European languages and other Eastern European and Asian languages from both German and English.

  • An overview of the most popular Language Combinations can be found in separate posts.

    Of course, all of our translation services are certified in accordance with ISO 17100.

Professional articles regarding power engineering

We provide further information in professional articles on the topics of Power Generation, Power Distribution, and Energy Storage: