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Power Engineering Translations by PRODOC

Since 1992 we have been advising clients in the fields of renewable energies, power engineering, power generation and energy distribution.

We develop efficient processes for our customers so that their documentation or marketing texts for their power engineering applications can be translated into one or more languages in a cost-saving and targeted manner.

We translate websites, manuals, datasheets, brochures, flyers, software and other documents into a variety of languages.

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Target languages for the renewable energy sector

Legally required target languages in power engineering

Power engineering is a broad field. Essentially, it depends on whether your products can be used independently or are intended for installation in vehicles, machines or systems.

For stand-alone products with a rated voltage greater than 60 V, you can assume that you must provide installation and operating instructions in the language of the user. Further details are regulated by the standards applicable to your products.

Popular target languages for renewable energies

There are often no legal regulations regarding the required languages when power engineering products are intended for installation in vehicles, machines or systems. Nevertheless, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to use the product. Almost all customers in the renewable energy sector have their documents translated into English.

Other popular languages for power engineering, energy production, energy storage and energy distribution:

I personally consider renewable energies to be particularly future-oriented. Working for manufacturers in this field gives me the feeling of doing something important with my work.

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

Managing Director

Renewable energies - an overview

Many small and innovative companies

One of the industries in which PRODOC Translations is particularly active is power generation, power distribution, and energy storage.

When it comes to power engineering, large energy producers such as EON or Vattenfall or multinational corporations such as SIEMENS or Alstom usually come to mind first. However, in addition to large energy groups, this sector contains numerous small and medium-sized companies that are particularly active and innovative in the field of renewable energies.

Requirements for power engineering

Specialist areas of power engineering

Power engineering is an extremely wide, interdisciplinary field. Its foundations are physics, particularly thermodynamics and nuclear physics, as well as chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, earth sciences and mining, meteorology and many other areas.

The industries can be roughly grouped into the following areas:

The renewable energies are the area of power engineering that is currently gaining the most market share. This area includes green energy sources such as hydro-electric power, wind power and photovoltaics.

Particularly because they are environmentally friendly technologies, renewable energies are supported by the government in many countries.

Photovoltaics in particularly can often be found in close proximity to the customer, since solar panels can be attached to basically any building.

Translation requirements for Renewable Energies

Not least because of this, the demand for multilingual translations of user manuals, datasheets and catalogues is relatively high in this case.

Electromobility only works with powerful energy storage systems.

Both battery storage and fuel cells are currently used for this purpose.

At PRODOC we have extensive experience with both technologies.

Companies which provide sustainable energy solutions also have points of contact to the automotive industry via energy storage.

Translation requirements for Electromobility

Since end users are served here, a translation of the user documentation into the language of the expected user is required by law.

Power generation is the overall technology which deals with the production of electrical power.

Translation requirements for Power Generation

Companies from many countries often work together here and therefore the documentation is mostly written in English. Translations from German are therefore usually required.

When we speak of electrical power engineering, we mean the generation and use of electrical energy and the redistribution and conversion thereof.

This includes electrical machinery, transformer stations and substations, electrical lines, power station management and power electronics as well as electrical heat technology.

Uniform terminology required

Particularly in this high-tech field, which has many interfaces to automation technology, it is indispensable to use consistent terminology in order to avoid misunderstandings in translated documents.

Internationalization for Renewable Energies

Cost-saving solutions for innovative companies

Our energy technology customers are innovative companies in the field of renewable energies. For young companies in particular, it is essential to increase their brand awareness.

The following solutions are particularly interesting for you:

Teaser Website translation small

Website translation

Translate your website - efficiently and professionally. Copy & Paste was yesterday - today interfaces and integration are required!

International SEO Optimization

International SEO

To be found is key – international SEO optimization should be a matter of course for your multilingual website!

Teaser Brochures, flyers, newsletters small

Brochures, flyers, newsletters

Use transcreation and direct translation of InDesign files to increase quality and reduce costs – for brochures, flyers, newsletters…

Technical translations for renewable energy customers

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Sanne Jerxsen

Dipl.-Kffr. Sanne Jerxsen

Administrative director