German to English translation

The German to English technical translation is the most sought after language combination at PRODOC.

This is of particular importance for the automation industry, whose products are only installed and operated by qualified personnel. Translations in the language of the end user are not required by law in this case.

Importance of the German to English language combination

The same principle that applies to each technical translation applies to technical translation from German into English: Alongside excellent language skills, technical expertise is mandatory. Our technical translators work daily with technical documents such as operating instructions, datasheets, manuals, but also marketing texts in the automation industry, automotive industry and energy technology, as well as in the field of software localization. They have the necessary expertise due to an engineering degree or professional experience.
Technical translations from German into English are becoming increasingly significant, as for many customers the English translation is subsequently used as a source language for translations into other languages.

Terminology – it has to be right!

  • The use of the correct term is extremely important, in particular for German to English technical translations. It is vital that texts, especially texts that concern the safety of people in the control of technical machines, are translated with a high degree of accuracy. PRODOC uses memoQ translation software that provides web-based terminology management. This ensures that the same terminology is used in each document.

  • German to English terminology

UK or US English?

  • Depending on the market for which the customer requires the German to English technical translation, it makes sense to define the correct version from the outset, British English or U.S. English. There are countless examples of words that are not only spelled differently in US English and British English, but actually are different. For example the British call “Benzin” “petrol” but the Americans use the term “gasoline”.

  • German to English technical translations

  • Noah Webster’s spelling reform of 1806 had several consequences for the spelling of present-day American English. The main differences to British English is the adaption in the spelling of words of French or Latin origin towards their pronunciation, the different use of the endings -ce and -se, the exclusive use of the suffix -ize in verbs such as (to) organize or (to) colonize, and the preference for shorter and simplified spellings.

  • German - US-English technical translations

ISO 17100 – reliable technical translation quality

  • PRODOC is a translation agency certified in accordance with ISO 17100. This new certificate represents the highest quality for translation service providers.

    In addition to the quality standards required by the previous EN 15038, also an inspection of the German-English technical translator’s qualifications, as well as permanent training is to be documented.

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