English to French technical translations: for overseas businesses

For certain overseas customers, English to French technical translations are important, if their European distribution center is responsible for placing translation orders with PRODOC.

But also German customers, who have specified English as their corporate language of communication, require translations from English to French.

English to French technical translations for overseas businesses

  • PRODOC receives orders for English to French technical translations mostly from the overseas customer’s European distribution centre. It is important for these customers, that they are able to offer their products on the French market.

    To enjoy a competitive advantage in Europe, and especially in France, it is imperative that companies provide their customers with the technical documentation in French. These include technical documents such as user manuals, websites, guides, and of course marketing texts.

  • English to French technical translation: French market

Why English to French and not German to French?

  • A few German companies have specified English as the language for their corporate communication. This is mainly to ensure that employees can work at the same level as the competition, even internationally.

    It goes without saying then, that in such companies the technical documentation is also in English. This in turn creates the demand for translations not just from German but also from English, into for example, French.

  • English to French technical translation

If companies wish to have a foothold in the French market or possibly have a subsidiary in France, then, for example, not only must the training materials be translated for internal company communication, but English to French technical translations are just as essential in the areas of external corporate communications for press reports as well as the Website.

PRODOC is very familiar with the situation, in which the company headquarters is in Germany and therefore the technical documentation is created in the German language, but for various reasons, there is a second “master language”: English.

In this case PRODOC first translates from German to English, thereafter English becomes the source language for further translations into other languages.