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English to Bulgarian technical translation

As a small South-Eastern European country with just 7.1 million inhabitants, Bulgaria is an important export partner for Germany: in 2017, the German economy exported a wide variety of goods to Bulgaria worth almost 3.7 billion euros. All the more important are the technical translations into Bulgarian, which PRODOC will provide in high quality.

English to Bulgarian - Photo Bucharest

Solutions for efficient Bulgarian translations

We have developed special solutions to ensure that the English to Bulgarian translation is as efficient and smooth as possible. You will receive the finished product information in Bulgarian from us and have the advantage of minimal internal administration costs.

Teaser User manuals and datasheets small

User manuals and datasheets

The PRODOC Fair Price Policy ensures that operating instructions, user mauals, package inserts, and data sheets are translated at favourable prices

Teaser Brochures, flyers, newsletters small

Brochures, flyers, newsletters

Use transcreation and direct translation of InDesign files to increase quality and reduce costs – for brochures, flyers, newsletters…

Teaser CAT klein

Computer Assisted Translation

CAT tools with built-in translation memory and term base for automatic reuse of translations (CAT=Computer-assisted translation)

Translations into Bulgarian

Bulgarian is one of the oldest documented Slavic languages, and translations into Bulgarian are increasingly requested.

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Sanne Jerxsen

Dipl.-Kffr. Sanne Jerxsen

Administrative director

Increasing exports: Technical translations from into Bulgarian are mandatory

Compared to the previous year, exports from Germany to Bulgaria increased by 6 percent to almost 3.7 billion euros (2017), with an enormous range of products sold: from machines, cars and car parts, to food and animal feed, IT and electronic equipment, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical products, electrical equipment and many other goods.

This makes it all the more important to provide technical translations into Bulgarian that meet the needs of the respective product and target group. This entails on the one hand technical details, on the other hand correct and comprehensible language. Among the most common translation jobs are:

In order to perfectly enhance the handling of various products as well as the reputation of German companies, technical translations from German to Bulgarian of print and digital media must be of high quality. With PRODOC, you have a partner at your side who meets these requirements in every case – and in the most diverse areas.

The Bulgarian language and its origins

Bulgarian belongs to the Slavic linguistic family – and here in particular to the South Slavic branch. Other representatives include Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian and Slovenian. In Macedonian, there is room for debate: some see a Bulgarian dialect in the language, others regard it as independent.

About nine million people use Bulgarian as their mother tongue, most of them live in the Republic of Bulgaria. The largest minorities using the Bulgarian language outside the country’s borders live in south-eastern European countries, such as Greece, the former Yugoslav states, Romania, Moldova, but also Turkey and Ukraine. According to estimates, there are currently around 40,000 Bulgarians living in Germany.

English to Bulgarian technical translations – the challenges

The Bulgarian language contains 30 Cyrillic letters, but Bulgarian differs from the standard Russian language. Especially since the spelling reform in 1945, more letters have been removed, so they no longer play a role in modern technical translations from German into Bulgarian.

It is also unusual that the various cases in Bulgarian are not very pronounced. This facilitates the learning of the Bulgarian language. However, translations require the secure handling of prepositions in order to communicate clear information.

Of course, you can be sure that PRODOC’s Bulgarian technical translators will not only take into account the colloquial language, but also the relevant technical terminology.

These high quality standards are ensured by an elaborate testing procedure: every technical translation from English to Bulgarian is checked by a second translator. Any possible doubts can be resolved before the texts are delivered. PRODOC is certified in accordance with ISO 17100 and places great importance on these high standards.

Technical translation into Bulgarian

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Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weimar

Managing Director