Automotive Industry

Collaboration with the automobile industry means that PRODOC is operating in one of the biggest areas of industry. The automotive industry generates annual sales far in excess of of over 500 billion Euros in the EU alone.

It is a highly technological industry, whose biggest corporations are globally operating companies. Accordingly, multilingual communication and information plays a very important role. And this is precisely where PRODOC Translations comes into play.

Framework conditions and requirements of the automobile industry

Important global economic sector

  • More than 100 million automobiles come off the production line every year – without exaggerating, the automobile industry is one of the most important economic sectors in the world – at least in countries such as Germany, Japan, the USA and South Korea.
    The automobile industry is in a period of dramatic change. Electromobility and Energy Storage will become key issues for the automotive industry in the future.


  • Automotive industry - Production

Automotive customers of PRODOC

Our customers of the Automotive Industry:

  • Leitenberger - car test devices

    Concorde - motorhomes

    elobau - sensor systems, accessories for the automotive industry

    KEBA - industrial automation, banking automation, logistics, electromobility

  • MANN+HUMMEL - filter technology for vehicles

    MOBA AG - sensors and controllers for construction machines

    Tuchel - vehicle technology

PRODOC references in the Automotive sector

  • PRODOC Translations has established itself as a reliable partner for technical translations with both suppliers and manufacturers.

    We work in the Automotive area for the manufacturers of special vehicles and motorhomes, as well as for suppliers of a wide range of products.

    Since the manufacturers and the suppliers are both established internationally, documents are often already produced in English and have to be translated from English to German, even for German manufacturers.

    More information about available language combinations can be found on our pages for the translation of German and English texts. We generally translate into all of the languages which are important for the Automotive Industry.

  • Automotive - Motorhomes

    Automotive - Construction automotiveautomotivemachinery

Automotive – Product groups

In the automotive sector we have produced technical translations for the following product groups:

  • Motorhomes
  • Construction machines
  • Driverless transportation systems
  • Autotest devices
  • Vehicle operating elements and joysticks

Language combinations for the Automotive Industry

For Automotive customers, PRODOC offers a Technical Translation service in the following language combinations:

Source languages

Most of our translating is done from German or from English. However, for German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, we can also provide direct translations between these languages.

Target languages

All European languages and Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Detailed information

In our blogs on the subject of Language Combinations you will find detailed information about some important source and target languages.

International collaboration in the automobile industry

  • Suppliers of the automotive industry

    The many suppliers of individual components for vehicles are also part of the Automotive industry. For example, even in a small country such as Austria, approximately 30,000 people work for automotive supply companies.

    Many of these suppliers can also be found in the Industrial Automation sector, and for sustainable mobility in the Energy Technology sector – hence the connection between PRODOC and the automotive industry.

    This large quantity of international subcontractors is indispensable for the industry – after all, a modern car consists of no less than 10,000 individual parts.

    And technical translations are also indispensable for these highly-specialized companies from different countries, supporting smooth workflows and the best possible exchange of information.

    Not just considering these statistics, it is clear that car manufacturing is a highly-complex matter.

  • Automotive industry production chain

  • Reliable information in multiple languages

    If you are dealing with an Automotive Supplier, problem-free communication is required in the B2B sector.

    Individual components of a vehicle are often manufactured in countries in which a completely different language is spoken than that of the car manufacturer customer, who then installs the parts in his vehicles.

    Accordingly, it is important to support the interface between the supplier and the customer with the best possible transparency and uninterrupted information flow.

    Ultimately, the manufacturer’s information has to reach the consumer – translations of multilingual user manuals and device software that fulfil the requirements of the industry are the prerequisite for a manufacturer for being able to operate successfully on an international basis.

  • Services for communication and information

    The aspects of communication and information are all the more important for such an industry. And this is where PRODOC Translations makes its services available.

    We are active in this industry in the areas of translations for device software, application reports, catalogues and datasheets.

Professional articles on Automotive topics

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